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General FAQ

To help you solve your application needs, please find below some of the most frequently asked questions about Turn-Act:
General/Ordering Questions 

Question? Does Turn-Act sell direct? 
Answer: No, Turn-Act sells its products through an authorized distributor network. 

Question? Who is my local distributor? 
Answer:To locate your local distributor click on the "Find a Distributor" link located on the top navigation bar of this website. If you can not find a distributor in your local area using this method, please call our customer service personnel at: 864-647-9521 during normal business hours (8:00am to 5:00pm EST). 

Question? What is the minimum quantity order for a special? 
Answer: There is no minimum quantity order for a special. Whether it is one piece or thousands of pieces, Turn-Act provides you with custom actuator solutions for all of your specialized actuator needs. 
Product Related Questions and Answers

Question? How do I bleed the air from the Turn-Act air/oil power intensifier?
  1. Fill chamber with oil.
  2. Extend the actuator.
  3. Loosen the top ports plug on hydraulic portion of the actuator. (It is the 1/2" NPT port plug) this will release trapped air in the hydraulic sections.
  4. Re-tighten the port plug.
  5. Repeat this process 3 to 4 times or more until you are sure the air has bled completely from the unit.

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