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Turn-Act By Design

Custom Rotary Actuator for Carwash Improves Performance

ITT Turn-Act provides a carwash OEM stainless steel rotary actuators which provide custom motion control to the high pressure spray bar.

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Security Scanners

Explosives and narcotics trace particles in a walk-through security system for an OEM had required a rotary actuator to help rotate doors open and closed on the machine to prevent false readings and escapes.

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Hydraulic Subsea Actuators Combine with or Replace Paddle Valves on Subsea ROVs

A major ROV manufacturer utilizing manual paddle valves for operating utility fluid onboard work/construction class ROV skid for BOP closure and hydrate remediation work. They were also using a second ROV to operate paddle valves on the lower skid of primary ROV and wanted autonomous operation of the valves.

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